Structure of Reviews

Reviews take a number of different forms:-

  • Some deal with a range of bird groups.
  • Others deal with named bird groups.
  • Yet others focus on common name species.

The latter also serve to promote the use of Recommended English Names as published by the International Ornithological Congress, click on Birds of the World, Recommended English Names . I don't say this from any nationalistic viewpoint but from a desire to de-mystify some of the terms which "birders" struggle to understand.

The content of the reviews has been developed from my website "Group Birds by Habitats and Niches" - click on This has been augmented by various Topics, Articles and Features which have appeared in my other websites. To see more about the thoughts and aims associated with my various websites click on


Group 1

  • Early birds. Well known names. All amongst the Non-Passerines.
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic.
  • Specific time spans.
  • Various body forms repeated.

Group 2 - Specific characteristics re-appear again and again.